What is the custom right-click menu in Viivo?

The custom right-click menu provides users the ability to tailor Viivo to work within different workflows. Depending on who you are sharing with, what cloud you are sharing on, or even where you want to decrypt files to, Viivo now provides you a little more configuration to improve the experience.

How do I set up a custom menu option in my right-click menu?

In the Viivo Manager in the General tab, there is a button to open the custom menu builder. This new screen in the Viivo Manager will allow for the creation of custom encrypt and decrypt options to be added to the new right-click menu in Viivo.


What's the general process to create a new right-click option?


#1 - Decide if you want to encrypt or decrypt.
#2 - What do you want this option to be called in the right-click menu?
#3 - Where do you want the files to go? Define a location or Viivo can ask you every time.
#4 - Would you like to keep plain text copy of the file after you encrypt it?
#5 - If encrypting, who else would you like to get asset keys for these files?

That's it. Now don't forget to add the option you just built by clicking the Add Option button highlighted in green.

How does this really work?

Viivo creates an asset and asset keys for each menu option you create for encryption. Then when you select to encrypt something with right-click menu, Viivo knows which assets to use for encryption. This menu option will also display in the Viivo Manager in the assets tab. If you set up a destination for the .viivo file, Viivo can also learn where to put the encrypted file.

Do I need to make new options on each machine?

As of the 2.6 release of Viivo, the answer is yes. Depending on user feedback, the ability to re-use or share right-click options may come in the future, but we wanted to provide this basic functionality first

Can I just delete the right-click menu option?

Yes. In the Viivo Manager's right-click custom menu builder, there is an option to delete the right-click menu options. If you delete it, you cannot add it back using the same asset for encryption. For every right-click menu option, there is a new set of keys used.