What Is Viivo Edit?

Viivo Edit provides the ability to double click a .viivo file from anywhere on your computer. Viivo Edit will decrypt the file and automatically open up the productivity application associated with editing the file. When you save from within and close your productivity app, Viivo Edit will save back changes and re-encrypt the .viivo file.

Why should I use Viivo Edit?

Viivo Edit works on Viivo Tunnel Files and is the only way to work with Viivo Drop Zone files. If you are a Box.com user, you will be familiar with a useful feature called BoxEdit. Viivo Edit has also been built to work in conjunction with BoxEdit. Any .viivo file you preview from within Box can be edited and automatically saved back to Box with BoxEdit+ViivoEdit. No desktop sync software agent is required. Example:

  1. Through their web browser, a Box user navigates to a .viivo file stored on Box.com
  2. User selects "Edit" from the preview screen and BoxEdit downloads the encrypted file
  3. Viivo Edit automatically opens file and decrypts it (so long as you have the decryption key)
  4. Viivo Edit automatically opens the file in your default productivity application
  5. User edits/saves the file and closes the productivity application
  6. Viivo Edit detects changes, re-encrypts file with changes and hands it back to BoxEdit
  7. Box Edit re-uploads new Viivo file.

When I Double Click a .viivo file, it says something about an access request. What is that?

This is Viivo key management at work. The Viivo file you are trying to open is owned by someone else and the Viivo system has issued a key-request back to the owner of the file. If they choose to Allow you access to the file, you will receive an e-mail confirming you have been issued decryption keys and can then access the file by double-clicking it again. Until the owner responds, Viivo will not open the file.