Accountants, you don’t have to tell us twice how much paper your work requires. Our guess is that between all of you, a large forest is used annually.  One of the great perks of working in the Cloud, is the money saved on paper. In the past you had to print everything out 10 times “just in case”-- send copies to the client, one in this binder, and one in that etc. Now, when you use the Cloud, everything goes on the server. Your clients can access it from their computers, sign their forms electronically and put it right back on the Cloud. No more paper, no more postage, and no more bulky three ring binders. It’s an accountants dream come true!

But sadly, dreams can quickly turn into nightmares without the right precautions. When you store your files on the Cloud, there is always a security risk—until now. With Viivo, you don’t have to worry about security. That’s our job. When you use Viivo, not only do you get to keep the convenience of the cloud, but you can rest at ease knowing that Viivo is there encrypting your files the moment you save them to your Dropbox or other Cloud platform. That’s what we call Clouding in Confidence.

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