In the world of finance, it is important to stand out from the crowd--especially during tax season. Whether you are an accountant for a big company, or do personal taxes, clients are not only looking for an accountant they can put their trust in, but also someone who is efficient, flexible, and current.

The Cloud makes you all of these things. Being able to share files quickly will boost your productivity, while having your files available at all times on every device will make you flexible, and using new technology, like the Cloud, keeps you current.

Now for that question on the tip of your tongue--how will I keep all of these files secure while they are in the Cloud? The answer is simple: Viivo. Here at Viivo, we live and breathe Cloud security. As soon as you save a file to your Dropbox, Viivo encrypts it. You can Cloud in Confidence knowing that all of your sensitive financial documents are 100% secure.

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