With Viivo, it's easy enough to Cloud in Confidence by encrypting Dropbox files with Viivo's powerful encryption technology - but did you know that Viivo is mobile, too?  Viivo's Cloud encryption is available across iOS and Android devices for personal and business use, and can be the make-or-break point between you and a client.

We can hear you thinking

"So why is it so important to encrypt Cloud files on a mobile device?"

Technology hacking isn't exclusive to desktops and laptops anymore, and is now affecting our Android and iOS devices. While concern lies with the possibility of having our photos and contacts wiped clean, we should be more concerned with our sensitive Dropbox files being stolen.

Viivo stops the perpetrator dead in their tracks with powerful encryption, and keeps your files safe to those without the Viivo encryption key.

This is why we recommend downloading Viivo to encrypt Cloud files across all of your connected devices.