This month's issue of Accounting Today features an article on a number of  small accounting firms  transitioning  into the Cloud. Although the article makes clear that it's not the easiest task, the Cloud makes small firms able to compete with the big dogs. Pepper Horton, a partner at Greene, Finney & Horton, picks out one of the pros of accounting in the Cloud,“It is very easy for clients to understand because they are used to dealing with banks and investment firms in the cloud, and when accounting firms come to them with the same model it starts to make more sense to them."

Some other benefits of the Cloud that these small firms are experiencing is productivity and efficiency. Joshua Azran, the founder of a boutique accounting firm in Los Angeles explains,“I think the win is in time. Where people of all firm sizes, from the smallest one-man show up to the multi-thousand-person, multi-stat firm move to the cloud, they’ll see that time savings will be immediate as long as they are willing to put in the effort to get it set up right and make everything as efficient as possible. We've seen enormous benefits from productivity, and enormous benefits from immediate access to documentation.”

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