Our favorite time of the year is fast approaching--Summer. It's light late, your neighborhood constantly smells like a barbecue, and every fruit you could imagine is in season. And then there is that vacation you've been planning all year. No matter where your plans take you, the last thing you want to worry about is Cloud security. Luckily, with Viivo, you won't have to.

Technology has made it hard to leave work behind when you are trying to relax. Take one thing off your plate--let Viivo keep your Dropbox secure. Whether you are updating your Dropbox from your laptop on a beach, or sharing a file from your smart phone in the mountains, Viivo is there encrypting all of your sensitive documents. Viivo never takes a vacation. We know that what you save to the Cloud is important to you. Download Viivo today so you can start Clouding in Confidence.