A recent survey sponsored by the Legal IT Professionals' 2012 Global Cloud Survey Report,  found that 81% of respondents "expect the Cloud will overtake 'on-premise computing in the legal services industry' sometime within the next 10 years."

At Viivo, we don't want you to be the last one to the party. We all know the Cloud is here to stay, now the question is--when will your law firm take the leap? The answer should be now. As an attorney, you know how much time and effort you would save if you could share documents quickly, and access them from anywhere. This is completely possible with the Cloud. No more flash drives, or emailing huge files to your colleagues (or yourself), all of your documents can be in one place, and accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Now what about security you ask? Well that's where we come in. At Viivo, Dropbox security is our passion. The moment you save your sensitive legal documents in the Cloud is the exact moment we encrypt them. You won't have to worry about anyone getting into your files who you did not give access to. You can Cloud in Confidence with Viivo.

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