When it comes to sharing files with a team, it’s important that everyone is taking steps to keep Cloud files secure. Here are a few ways we recommend keeping your team on board on your Cloud security plan.

  1. Dropbox recently announced an addition to ‘Dropbox for Teams’ that allows the Admin to view who has and hasn’t enabled the new 2-step login process announced in August, 2012. Check that everyone on your team has this one. All it takes is one person ignoring this to raise your risk level when collaborating in the Cloud.
  2. Install Viivo across all of the team’s Dropbox enabled devices to assure that everyone is taking the necessary steps to encrypt team files. Sharing Viivo-encrypted files is just like sharing Dropbox files – so there’s no learning curve, and no excuse not to Cloud in Confidence.
  3. Control your team’s password use. Many companies insist that their team’s password is changed monthly, and has protocol / regulation around how the password is created (i.e. no brand terms, first names, or recognizable numbers in the password).