Let us set the scene for you. The year is 2012. Americans are constantly moving, and where they move, their business moves with them – and that includes their files. In fact, with everything being stored in the Cloud, their files are accessible anywhere, and on any device! Cloud storage solutions like Dropbox allows access to pictures on iOS, spreadsheets on Android, Word Docs on Windows, PDFs on Macs, and every variation thereof. And those files can be shared, with anyone, and at any time.

That also means that those files are accessible to outside parties, be it through a stolen password, a key-logger, or various other means of evil.

Thankfully, the more time we spend in the Cloud, the more we learn to live in the Cloud, and most importantly, protect our Cloud. With Viivo, you don’t have to change the way you live in the Cloud! Continue to keep your files on all of your devices, anywhere, any time – and Cloud in Confidence knowing the Viivo is keeping those files safe!