As more and more SMB's (Small-to-Medium Businesses) integrate their organization into the Cloud, so too are employees, on their own personal devices.  Laptops, tablets and mobile phones are being used by employees to access company information on their private devices, raising a host of Cloud security concerns. Ultimately, while it can be helpful to the employee and the organization to allow the employee to use their personal device there are security implications that arise from "too much" freedom.

Most public Clouds can regulate user privileges, and, ultimately, remove users from the folder altogether.  But if those files are cached on their device, then what?

To us, the most likely and effective solution to the problem is to immediately restrict who has access to what.  However, sharing a folder is just like giving your housekeys to someone - who's to say they're not going to make a spare and give it to a friend?

With Viivo Cloud encryption, you're basically putting a Mission Impossible-esque identity scanner on your files and folders.  It identifies whether or not you've provided that person with the encryption key to see your sensitive information. They're not able to share that key with anyone.