Here at Viivo we believe that everyone should be in The Cloud, but today we want to focus on small law firms. We know that you have struggled and worked hard to get where you are. You jumped through all of those big law firm hoops, and you've finally started your own firm. Brace yourself for a hard, but realistic number: according to a study by the Strategic Research Corp, 70% of small businesses that experience data loss go out of business in one year.

We live in a time where the idea of data loss is a very real possibility. This could be a hard drive crashing, someone hacking into your system, or even an old fashioned fire. When you're in The Cloud, you always have a backup. Your recovery time is next to nothing when you have all of your important documents waiting for you in The Cloud.

Now, what happens when there is data loss in The Cloud? That's where we come in. Viivo encrypts your files the very second that you save them in your Dropbox. You never have to worry about your files getting lost or hacked, and risk of fire is out of the question. You can also feel free to safely share Viivo encrypted files with co-workers and clients. With Viivo, you can Cloud in Confidence knowing that we're always here for your Cloud based law firm.

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