What is Viivo?

For users, Viivo secures sensitive files that are stored and shared in public cloud environments like Dropbox and Box. For businesses, Viivo provides administrative visibility and control over the use of public cloud storage services in their organization while enabling their employees to work securely from any device.

How it Works

Place your files in Viivo. Viivo automatically encrypts your files and then syncs with your cloud provider.
Access your protected files from any device. Simple.

how Viivo works

Looking for a more technical explanation of how Viivo security works? That’s available here.

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For your Business – How Customers Use Viivo

Attorneys & General Counsel
Bypass expensive, clunky data diligence rooms. Protect client data and other sensitive documents at the core and on any device. Bring security and visibility to the way your firm works in the cloud.

Lawyers: Read More

Efficient, secure sharing and storage of everything from IRS and customer audits to Excel spreadsheets and Evernote docs.
Government & Healthcare
FIPS 140-2 validated encryption and decryption ensures compliance in the cloud. Align administrative console reports, audits and monitoring with corporate governance guidelines.
Adjust access and users on the fly for the mobile nature of projects. Security of data that is compatible with any smartphone or desktop.

About Viivo

Viivo gives you the keys to security and control for sharing data in the public cloud. Our Viivo software is built to meet your personal sharing needs and cover your professional security concerns with data in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive. Secure, smart sharing is part of our DNA: Viivo was created by PKWARE, the same people who established the ZIP file standard in 1986. PKWARE continues to innovate with security and performance products used for billions of daily documents by 30,000 global customers in finance, government, retail, law and more.